Connecting to External Services More Seamlessly

Yes I agree with you and I’m kind of on that road, but I think the challenge that I’m trying to overcome is handling all of the authorization endpoints and token endpoints that allow authentication to happen without using the bubble api connector. The api connector is very good at allowing you to set up these endpoints so that it brings you to the page where you select the google account to authenticate with, but in order to call up that page you have to use the “Signup and Login with a Social Network Workflow”, and obviously what happens as a result of using that (logging the user in) is pretty much representative of the title of that workflow.

A potential workaround within Bubble is using some trickery with the workflows so that you sign up with google and then immediately revert the user to their previous logged in state and try to load the contacts onto the already-existing user’s account, but it sounds tough. Only other option really is to try and open a bunch of external websites and see if I can get the URL’s right.

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