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How can i keep from allowing the same email address when signing up from social media?

Hi, My app allows users to sign up/Login with facebook or google. My problem is that if the user signs up with facebook and email is [email protected] and then signs up with google and email is also [email protected] then it creates a separate account with the same email. how can i keep a user from signing up twice with the same email?

Are you sure? both accounts should be merged. Email us if not.

What if my Google email address is [email protected] and the Facebook email is [email protected]? Is there any way of preventing duplicate accounts?

Then adding another fly in the ointment, what if 6 months later I try to log on and forgot that I used either Google or Facebook? So I try [email protected] and I am not found. What is the smooth way of handling any scenario of multiple email addresses?

If the user is logged in when he authenticates with a new service, accounts are merged. But if he’s logged out, there is no way for anyone to know that [email protected] is the same person as [email protected].

So if the user started with a Bubble login, then later added a Facebook authentication, the accounts will be merged. What email address will that merged account show?

The email one, since it’ll be the primary email.

A condition can be made if [email protected] and [email protected] use the same password, correct? What are the chance of that too…

No, because passwords are hashed for security purposes. Comparing on passwords means they’d be public…