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Respond to in-app messages via Email, UpWork style?

Hey everyone! UpWork has a nifty feature that sends you an email every time you receive a new message in UpWork’s chat. More importantly, you can reply to that email directly with your message response, and the message will automatically transfer to UpWork’s chat. See screenshot:

I’m wondering if and how this is possible in Bubble? I’m assuming I’d have to use Sendgrid and some API calls, but can someone give me a head start on how to do this exactly?

I use Postmark for emails (personally prefer over SendGrid) and they have an inbound email processing - Here’s their docs Sample inbound workflow | Postmark Developer Documentation

basically a combination of creating reply to addresses that would be something like <user’s unique ID>+message thread unique ID

Then setting up webhooks so that you have a trigger for workflows within Bubble when it receives notification of a reply…i.e. storing the data to display in your in app messaging, sending out the notification email, push notifications if you have those etc.


Ah ok very interesting! I was assuming I’d have to use some combination of SendGrid and Postmark! But if I can just use Postmark itself then that’ll be great. So, overall, this UpWork style functionality is possible with Postmark + Bubble, correct?

I haven’t implemented it myself but going by the docs and what I know is possible within Bubble then I’d say yes it’s definitely doable :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much I appreciate your help :slight_smile:

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