Work with email

is it possible to build an app that works with emails like this:
we use emails to work/communicate for many projects, and other stuff.
I want to be able to use a bubble app to manage on particular projects.
(maybe setup by the email-subject)
so I can view all mails that related to Project A in a bubble app.
and I can reply the email in app (instead of going back to reply in Outlook)


any suggestions?

You can do a lot of that if you integrate something like Postmark or another similar software that allows you to send emails as well as webhooks to bring the emails back into your app and link them to the project.

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example of setting up an email inbox in using Postmarkapp?

I will see if I can do a video about it next week maybe. I will do what I can. :blush:

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Here you go, this was already on the forum: How to set up Inbound Emailing with Postmark’s Inbound Processing

Hope that helps! :blush:

If you still need a video, I can try making one sometime this week.

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why you have Endpoint but mine is API workflow?
the screenshot from looks different than mine too.
yes, a video is needed!

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Hey @ericwuu

I will see what I can do. :blush:

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Ok, I created a video. It’s on the eLearning Hub as a paid video. Check it out:

Hope that helps! :blush:

This video shows you how to forward your emails from Postmark and your Email provider to a Bubble Webhook to get your emails into your Bubble Database. Hope that works for your situation.

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I paid and followed the video to 1:10
code 200 , great! but I did not have the screen 1:11 back in bobble.
it is still the same screen: Detecting Request Data with a Cancel button.

what could be wrong?

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Hmm :thinking: Did you press the test button in Postmark? Make sure to copy the link with the initialize first.

you meant the [check] button?
yes, code 200 returned.

Yes. That one. That’s good. It looks like it was sent successfully. Did you get anything on Bubbles side now to save?

still showing this

Try copying the link again to make sure it was copied correctly then press check again. Leave the window open in Bubble. Just to double check.

i have done it many times… >_<

Just sent you a PM. Hope we can figure this out.

Sometimes copying the link cuts off the full link. But then it won’t have a success of 200 as the code. Not sure how you can get success but not be pulling it in from Bubble somewhere. :thinking:

I swear, I did not change anything.
for unknown reason, it works today! :joy:

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Awesome. Glad it works! :raised_hands: