Responding to api requests in bubble

So…I will recieve a get request to my bubbleapp from an external api…I need to respond to that request with some data in the response body…How to do this…I have found some topics in the forum similar to this but in those topics they are suggesting to use intergromat…Is there any way to do this in bubble itself either natively or with some plugins. I found an action named return data from api will it be usefull for my need and any idea how to use it? Thank You

Hi @NigelG Thanks…That works but I am facing a problem where I need to response to the request with a code in the response body, but that code will be in the requests url…in backed workflow I cant find the action “get data from url”…any idea on how to do this?

yea something like that @NigelG …and its for strava…I have found a thread with the same problem but there they used intergromat because at that time bubble didnot supported get they were saying…So could you please share how did you do that?

Thanks @NigelG I was able to achieve my requirement with the linked topic and its continuation.

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