Responsive blocs

Hello community ,

Here’s my concern, the page works perfectly well on the web. But in Mobile I can’t align the search bar as I want.

  • There’s not enough space on the edges.
  • There is too much space ( height ) between each line.

Do you have an idea ?

The current configuration is :

  • Labels or imput are grouped in groups of 2.
  • The groups are fixed width

Thank you .


Nest the search element and search icon in one group and set it’s responsive setting to “fixed with”

In the responsive tab of the editor set that group to align right, center, or left as preferred.

Here … a good video that walks through responsive concepts in Bubble:

Hope this helps! :+1:t2:

hi cmarchan,
thanks for sharing the guide, Now my block is fully responsive siteand working well at all device

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