Text is not aligned desktop / responsive

I’ve been building out the textual (landing page-like) pages of my site and found it very frustrating to work with the Bubble editor.

I am using groups to organize content for reponsiveness and I am making sure they do not overlap… I have tried to follow all of the recommendations here - https://manual.bubble.io/building-a-user-interface/building-responsive-pages.html

However, when I add new text it is not aligned with the previous text - even if it looks aligned in editor it is not aligned in preview mode. It just jumps to another spot that makes no sense (when looking at how it is aligned in preview mode). Every time I adjust everything to look right in preview mode (desktop), it messes up how everything looks in mobile mode.

I’m sure I’m missing something because this is clearly not how it is supposed to work. Can anyone send me some relevant content or ideas about how can avoid this in the future? Or set up my pages for good alignment on both mobile and desktop. Thanks!

View in editor -

View in preview

I’m having the same issue! Anyone know of anything to be done?

Size of the groups matter and also alignment. Wouldnt be able to tell without seeing first hand but responsive is a tricky one but practice gets you there!

Check out my responsiveness videos. They might help you out. https://www.nocodeminute.com/1-minute

Usually the easy fix is to put all of the things you want to line up together in a group. Otherwise check the minimum and maximum widths of each element and alignments of them as well. :blush:

@j805 www.NoCodeMinute.com

Hope that helps! :blush: