Responsive design to show elements appear in the same place relatively to each other?

Hello! I hope everyone is well.

I am using Bubble’s new responsive engine, and there are two elements (a square and a circle) which I am trying to to adjust to always appear in the same position relatively to each other - the circle should appear at the bottom left corner of the square.

Is there a way to achieve that?

Use the align to parent container layout for this.


Thanks! That’s what I did. It looks a little better, but it’s depending on the size, things aren’t aligning properly.

To be more specific - What I’m trying to align is a video (twilio plugin) and the controls (which are circle elements)

What I’ve done:

  • I created a container and added all the elements into it (video + controls)
  • I’ve set the positions of each element (video from top left to the container, controls from the bottom left)

When I’m in the ideal size (1920x900) things look like they should, but as soon as I change resolution, the controls actually aren’t positioned in the same place - here are examples, and below I’ve also added what the configuration looks like:

  • configuration:

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