Relative positioning & responsiveness

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I ask for your help once more, but I can’t figure out if there is any possibility to get what I want to - and if not that would be an awesome feature to add to bubble, and maybe not that hard to implement!

I am trying to position 2 elements relatively to each other, but to do that I must set up either Fix position or Align to parent:

My aim is to have the red square keeping its position relatively to the shape in the back: it must resize with the shape as the page size is changed (easy with % width and height), but also has to reajust its positionning in the page, relatively to margins…

With Fixed group or page, you can’t get responsiveness and resize the page.
With Align to parent you can’t position elements whereever you want and need to use margin that don’t move relatively to a resize…

Have you any solution for me?

Would be wonderful!

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Edit : actually same issue as explained here, but not answered: Fixed element position relative to % of a group

In case there is no feature for this for now or trick to use, I submitted an idea, if you wanna vote for it!! (shouldn’t take too long to implement I think)

Hey bubblers!

Up, if anyone has an idea on this issue.