Responsiveness and iFrame

Hi forum, I haven’t received any assistance on the below. There might be a way to resolve this if bubble allows e,g, the window sizes to be passed as variables to the iFrame. Is this possible?


Am having a bit of difficulty getting responsiveness to work with a graph depicted via an iFrame. Graph is being cut off regardless of any tweaking I have tried via the responsiveness engine. Please assist. Please see samples.

The first when I view the report at maximum screen size.

The second when I use an iPhone (responsive viewer).

Please assist.

Thank you…

Is there a way of passing bubble iFrame size data to javascript (encased within bubble iFrame)?

To get the elements in the iFrame to be responsive as well you need to put parameters in the HTML element. Make sure the content being shown in the iFrame is responsive as well (in this example it’s the bubble website, so it is responsive) Here is an example

Editor link: Forum_app | Bubble Editor

The problem I am having with it now is that every time the screen size changes, the iFrame content has to reload


Were you able to solve the reloading issue for an Iframe? We have a similar issue where if the user resizes their browser the Iframe playing a video reloads and starts over.

I could not find a way around that, it wasn’t a big deal for my app so I never looked into it more

Okay. Thanks for the reply.