Responsive Tab - Ability to Hide Visible Objects

Hey Bubble,

In the UI Builder we can hide “Visible on Page Load” objects but for some reason not in responsive mode. This is a problem when i have an object that is instant upon load, like a “Loading” screen, but hidden if certain criteria is met. Can we please add this feature @emmanuel? Thanks, it would save a lot of work of having to switch it on and off manually each time we need to look at the responsiveness of our app.



Good Idea :+1:

Yes please, thanks for bumping it Melon. I have a floating group that sits left and I constantly have to go back into design mode and Uncheck “visible on page load”.

and for elements that are not visible on page load, i would like to be able to see them in the builder by default.

currently i most of my elements are visible on page load, and i write a condition for them to not be visible, so they dont render on the page when it loads at first.

it would be great for a checkbox to apear below the “visible on page load” asking if you want the elements to be visible in the UI builder., just like it asks us if we want it to collapse when hidden.

not sure if i should create a new topic or just leave a reply here.