Hiding elements with the responsive editor doesn't collapse them

Is this a bug? Or an improvement suggestion? I am making a different design architecture for mobile and for desktop - one of the things that needs to happen is an element disappears (element1) so that the margins work out, and is replaced by another element (element2).

In the conditional tab of element 2, I have “when element 1 ISN’T VISIBLE”, this element (element 2) is visible.
In the responsive builder, I have a condition that hides element 1 when viewport is less than x width. I do have “collapse element when hidden” I run it:


The Evaluator knows the element Isn’t Visible, but it somehow doesn’t fulfill the condition (which would show element 2, and be green in that case). Any insight is appreciated.

I also reversed the condition (element2 is not visible when element 1 is). The Inspect thinks the element is visible.


Bottom line

Hiding things in the Responsive UI tab doesn’t seem to affect the visibility state used by the UI builder.

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