Responsiveness with images around the app

Hello everyone! I need help figuring out how when people upload a picture on the picture uploader it changes their images everywhere including the database. Please help. As you guys will be able to see below, when i change the picture here it doesn’t change the one at the top and every time i refresh, the picture i changed changes back to the one at the top.

Click the “enable autobinding on parent elements thing” or right click the image uploader element and click “start/edit workflow” which will create a workflow that says “when image uploader input changes” or soemthing to that effect

For autobinding, check out this
Auto Binding in Bubble.Io (What It Is & How to Set It Up) - YouTube

The right click to start edit workflow worked then i created a workflow from there to make changes to user. Thank you so much for the help. Really appreciate it.

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