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Hi All

After a bit of advise on the picture uploader.

I have it working in that it allows the user to upload the image, it then saves the image to a field via auto binding.

When the image has been added to the field i want the picture uploader to go back to it’s original layout (Instead it shows the picture that was uploaded)

Is there a way to achieve this? for extra info i have attached a screen shot below of what i am trying to achieve.
I basically have within a group the uploader and a image field.

Any help appreciated
*I would just use the picture uploader, but i have extra things going on with the image that i can’t do with the uploaderuploader

Probably using Reset input function

And even not “probably”. Use the “reset relevant inputs” after your last action in your Workflow, and you’ll get the picture uploader back to its initial state.

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