Restrict a whole Site to different Users and only for admin

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  1. i want to ask if it is possible to restrict a whole site to specific user?
    So i want to make a jobboard and have two different roles in the user database e.g. candidate & company.
    I built sites only for specific for candidates and sites only specific for companies.
    Like a database restriction.

How can i set up bubble that a candidates can´t get on companies sites and on the other site companies can´t get on candidtas sites?

  1. Can i make a site for the “live site” which only the admin can access?

Thanks for your help and looking foward to your ideas!

You can create on user type database yes/no role. Example.

Company: Yes/no
Set two different registration pages for candidates and another for companies. When company register add the user to the database the “yes” state in company field.

And when user register same but in this case you set: no.

So when you create the page for company you can define a general event condition in workflows. Example: When page is loaded: Only when No -> Send it to candidate page.

And the same thing for candidates:
When you create the page for candidates: When page is loaded: Only when Yes -> Send it to company page.


Hey yusaney, thank you for your answer. i worked totally for me! Thank you!

Hey im glad that worked for you ;).

For the point 2:

Create a role in database admin yes/no
You can set manually what users can have this role.

Create a logging pop-up that can’t be closed with ESC key. And when page loads -> Show the pop-up.

Add mail or username, and password fields. And for last add a login button.

Add workflow when button is clicked only when Admin is yes -> Sign the user in -> Action: Hide pop-up.

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