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I want to put a limit on the email domains that can access my page during sign up, so only specific ones can get through. How can I do it?
Thanks beforehand.

Hi there, @gssousav… one way you can do what you described is to use an option set to define the acceptable email domains. Then, check to see if the email input’s value contains an option from the option set during sign up, and if it doesn’t, stop the sign up process and show a message or something (or don’t even let the user click the sign-up button in the first place).

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Thanks for answering. Where can I set up the option to define the acceptable email domains?

Data >> Option Sets

I already have the option set setted up, but I don’t know how to run the condition when the user signs up. Please, advice.

Try to this approach → place a check at your sign up WF:

  1. input email’s value:extract → email type, domain component
  2. …is not in…
  3. “your option set name”:each item’s Display (that give you a list of your options from Option Set and formats it to a list of texts)

So we are checking that the extracted from users email domain is presented in your Option Set (= allowed list of domains)

The “Only when” function in my WF is still asking me to provide more instructions, otherwise it shows error.

Change operator IS → IS IN
“…:extract domain IS IN All email…”

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