Restrict RG content to card?

Hi. I’m having trouble keeping my repeating group content within the card as I resize my browser. I’m sure this is probably really simple but I’ve played with a bunch of settings and can’t figure it out. :see_no_evil:

Screen Shot 2024-04-03 at 2.13.30 PM

@dm8668 - looks like the card itself (brown/gray background isn’t expanding height to it’s content - perhaps that may help?

@dm8668 Ideally, you’d want an adaptable layout that presents 4 grids in a row on larger screens, then adjusts to 2 grids and finally 1 grid as the screen size decreases. This maintains the structure of the content within each grid, regardless of size.

To achieve this, consider setting a reasonable minimum width for each grid or group.

Establish a minimum width for card elements, such as 100 pixels, and refrain from imposing a restricted height on the parent group. This configuration will automatically arrange the cards into columns when the screen width is narrow.

Hmm, the min width isn’t working. (But maybe I’ve misunderstood where to apply it?). Here are my current settings.

Note: everything within "Card Content (named Group FZ in a few screenshots) is set to “fit height to content” except for Image A which is set to a percentage.

@dm8668 So I think you should set the minimum width to the story cards group then see what happens

Hi all. So I found a very clear and helpful solution from Mikreative on YouTube: