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Restricting Google API's + Error Code Solution

When you want to restrict your google API to your app, even if you are on a paid plan you have to bubbles domain with you apps (original) created name Or you will get errors…

For example if you have a domain you purchased called…

You then connected your bubble app to your domain… so you can visit your app simply by going to … But google doesn’t recognize your domain which will give you an error because bubble is sitting on top of your domain and is actually serving the content (in a way). Therefore, when you want to restrict access to you app. You must type it in the way that bubble has saved your app to serve.


adding an asteric and forward slash at the beginning or ending of the root of your domain will be used as a wildcard to grant access to any variables within that url such as below*

finally you need to make sure your domain is spelt the exact way that you initially created it with bubble. If you put spaces between words for example like this → My Domain… it will be saved like this —> my-domain … and need to be restricted using that correct punctuation.*