Restricting number of entries to a data type

I am trying to figure out how to restrict the number of entries for a data type. I want a user to have only two entries available to them, but if they want more, they will have to upgrade their user access.

Lets say the free version can create 2 entries, the gold version 5 entries, and the platinum has 10 entries.

I am thinking of some “do a search” for # of entries. If there are 2, then the page to add more entries is restricted.

Am I on the right track?

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Yes, I would set it up in that way too :slight_smile: The workflow for the submit button could be something like:

“When Submit is clicked and when Current User’s Entries:count is less than or equal to 1 and Current User’s Subscription Level is Free”
Data --> Create A New Entry
Data --> Make Changes to a Thing --> Thing to Change: Current User --> Field to Change: Entries add Result of Step 1 (Create a New Entry)

Then you could create another workflow which presented the User with a popup stating that they couldn’t create another entry, unless they upgraded their plan. The workflow could be:

“When Submit is clicked and when Current User’s Entries: count is 2 and Current User’s Subscription Level is Free”
Element Actions --> Show Upgrade Subscription Popup


Would it not be better/cleaner to have Membership type, where the fields represent the various limits under that membership level.

e.g. Level Name, Post Limit, Picture Limit, Message Limit,
Basic, 5, 10, 100
Silver, 10, 20, 250
Gold, 50, 100, 1000

You would then have a field Member Level in the User Type to hold that Membership type.

This way you could have a common search criteria regardless of the the membership level and wouldn’t need to have number or levels in the queries. So if you changed the level limits in the future, you would not have to rework all your queries, you would simply change these back in the Membership Type.

e.g. When Submit is clicked and Current Users Posts :Count < CurrentUser Membership Level Post Limit


Definitely cleaner and better to do it that way! :+1: Thanks Dave!

Hello !

I’m trying to do something similar for my app (and the solution brought by @DaveA doesn’t suit my needs). But when I try to do that, I can’t find this “Current User’s Entries: count”. As the post is from 2016, this “entries” option may have another name or may not be available anymore.

Could you give me a hint ? Thanks !