Resusable Header to Have a Login Link to Show Login

I’m creating a reusable element - a header that I want to use on every page in my app. (Make it once use it many times). This reusable element (a header) will have a text item with a link to show the login/register popup.

The idea is simple, some people come to the site and look around before they decide to become a user of the site. Therefore… I want the login/register popup to be visible or to be made visible from any page, not just the index or starting page, and I want that to happen through a reusable header element.

Can this be done? It doesn’t seem so. It seems if you have a reusable element (like a header), and in that header you have a text element (like a text element that says Login/Register) with a workflow link - it can’t access or execute a show/hide workflow for elements that are not in that header group, right?

Come on…shouldn’t you be able to show/hide or access any element in your application from any other element in application regardless if it’s reusable header/footer or not?

Is there anyway to do this?


Hi @akerezy :slight_smile: Yes, this is possible! If your login/signup popup is a reusable element, you can add that into the header reusable element. If the login/signup popup is not a reusable element, you can right click it, then select “copy with workflows” --> navigate to the reusable header element --> and select “paste with workflows”. Then set the login link to show the login/signup popup (within the header). If it’s not working as expected, feel free to share (or PM me) a link to your app editor and I can try to add it in there! :slight_smile:

I appreciate your help - first of all

I made a reusable login popup, and somehow (although I’m sure how), I managed to drag it onto the reusable header element.

You know …A TREE VIEW would really be nice, you click on your reusable element, and see of the objects it contains, be they UI controls, groups, or a another reusable element…the software is so poorly designed. Tree Views are common in PCs, Macs, Programming IDEs.

Another nice feature…what if…any element at all in the entire application (PERIOD) could be accessed by any workflow??? This would be so much easier. And what if… you used a object hierarchy to easily reference any element at all in the application.

Anyway, I got it to work - so again, THANK YOU for your help!!

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No problem at all! :slight_smile: I may be misunderstanding your suggestion, but you can view where a specific element is in the tree view when right-clicking the element and selecting “Reveal in elements Tree”. It will then appear in blue on the left hand side of the screen (above Visual Elements section). Sometimes it takes a few times of clicking to see where in the element tree a specific element is, if the element is contained within a few different groups. That should work! :slight_smile:

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