Reusable header

I was creating my app and the way it was going i didn’t like how it was turning out so i am completing an overhaul of my app before releasing it… but i am using a reusable header that has a button on it and i have a login popup.

when i try to set the workflow for the button to show the popup on click, i have also tried to detach the reusable and still doesnt work but when i try to select the element to show, it does not list my login popup. It only gives me the elements that are on my header nav bar.

What am i doing wrong?

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3

The button that will open the popup should be in the same place. In your case, the button should be in the header reusable (assuming the popups are there).

OR you will take the popups to the page (where the header and the button is).

I have the button in the reusable header and I’ve tried to bring the popups to the page and still does not show my popup when i try to set the workflow.

There definitely sounds something fishy in your popup/reusable settings. But the following demo works.

It has a normal page. In this normal page, it has a regular group reusable called header. Header has a button and another reusable called sign in popup with popup type. The button in the header opens this reusable popup. This setting works here: Test for Forum 12 | Bubble Editor

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