Retrieve email confirmation token without sending email

Ah yes - the current confirmation token generation process requires the user (for whom the confirmation token is generated) to be logged in. Noting this down as a feature request - seems like a common flow :thinking:


Hey Grace :wave:

Do you think there could be an action to simply resend an email verification email? Sometimes a user wants to reset their password, but they are logged out and their email is not verified. Before sending a password reset email I want to verify the email address first. But since the user is logged out, I have to manually send a magic link and take care of the verification process when all I want to do is resend an email verification…. Why can’t we send verification emails to users who are logged out? I don’t want to handle it manually.


Grace-- to loop back on this, I realized that I had this option checked under my “Sign the user up” action.

It would be really, really, nice if would create a reusable for sign up - sign in.
I am confused… ;(


I’m still confused. How can a user confirm his email without sending them an email? When the user clicks on the link any other way than through an email, the email is not actually confirmed. What am I missing here? :thinking:

Also, if I’m correct, it was already possible to generate a token when using the send email activity. So what actually does this new feature bring?

Just trying to understand…

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It’s not about the email, it’s about clicking a link that includes the confirmation token. Potentially, the user could also receive this link another way (SMS/manually/whatever).

I am really confused by these instructions. I just want to use the confirm email link to send it in my own email. Does this happened in the sign up workflow or the backend workflow?


This seems to be a good feature but lacks a good explanation of the working details. Can I suggest that Bubble put together a short video to explain clearly what can be done with the token, how it works, and the various use cases it can apply to? I need to be able to confirm a secondary email for Users and am struggling to really understand what I should be doing.


Couldn’t agree more!!!


Hi Team, I would like to use the out of the box functionality to send an email and get user to follow a link to the confirmation page. It seems I am having trouble saving the confirmation key before completing the workflow of the sign up button. Could you please provide a detailed sample of how this should be made available for the user change. Regards Boris

It works for me :smiley: , thanks @grace.hong

Hello @grace.hong I sent email like shown in the picture attached where the user can see his Token , Is it against good practice to show the token to the user?

Thank you in advance for your feedback,

Hi @grace.hong , sorry to refloat this item, but the “just make token, don’t send email” function seems just stopped working. :cold_sweat:

It was working in my app as a client WF just by creating the token to then redirect the user to a new page, but after some days with user issues I realised the token is it now creating as “(empty)”.

Could it be because of the new Bubble upgrade? It was working days ago and every test I try now do not work.

I also tried to implement it in the server through an API workflow and the API Connector if that was the problem, but I always receive: {“statusCode”:400,“reason”:“NO_EMAIL”… when the email I send exists in the database.

Thank you in advance!

PD: Is it ok to publish the issue here or we should send it via another mail/form?

Why does bubble not action these threads.

There is a consistent lack of proper and full documentation with video helpers.

This is a need for a lot of people to confirm their emails and when you are adminning a new user and dont want to send a confirmation email because you are creating the account you need to bypass the confirmation

At this point its just easier to turn off email confirmation - but that then drops the security.
Yet more issues around security with bubble - its really poor.

Instead of developing my app I have to spend hours trying to get basic functionality which should be out of the box standard - its bog standard signup/login functionality.

Im about 10 hours in on this - there is something seriously wrong to how this is thought about - getting multiple issues whichever way I try it.

Totally unhelpful bubble - sort it out bubble.

Am getting an error message, any tips?