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Retrieve email confirmation token without sending email

Ah yes - the current confirmation token generation process requires the user (for whom the confirmation token is generated) to be logged in. Noting this down as a feature request - seems like a common flow :thinking:


Hey Grace :wave:

Do you think there could be an action to simply resend an email verification email? Sometimes a user wants to reset their password, but they are logged out and their email is not verified. Before sending a password reset email I want to verify the email address first. But since the user is logged out, I have to manually send a magic link and take care of the verification process when all I want to do is resend an email verification…. Why can’t we send verification emails to users who are logged out? I don’t want to handle it manually.


Grace-- to loop back on this, I realized that I had this option checked under my “Sign the user up” action.