Generate token for email confirmation

I am using Sendgrid to send emails from my Bubble app, and I would like to have all my emails following the same template. While BBCode allows many things, it is not enough so I really need to send HTML (I do it though the Sendgrid API).

However, for the confirmation email, it is not possible to obtain the confirmation link in the signup workflow.
Could you please consider adding a “generate token only” option similar to that of the reset password action, so that we can send the link through our own email template ?

That would be awesome !

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Is this what you are looking for?

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Nop, I am looking for something similar but for email confirmation, not for a password reset.

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Wow, shocked I missed that. My bad.

If for some reason they can’t add it in the near future you can handle this manually.

Have a “yes/no” field on a User called Confirmed
In the email send them their Unique ID to a page “/confirm-redirect” [Content Type - User], where on Page Load it makes a change to Current Page User to change Confirmed to Yes. Then Redirect to the page you want them on
(Or use a parameter to any page, could also use generate a random string instead of Unique ID)

Then on the Workflows where you would usually refer to the built in 's email confirmed you can refer to the field you made.

Yes thanks I thought of that but would definitly prefer something built-in since it can be confusing for future maintainance to have to “email confirmed” fields on users.
Moreover I guess that Bubble handles token expiration time, while having my own would mean to have another additional field to store the expiration date of the token.

Agreed, much simpler if Bubble allowed you to refer to the token in subsequent workflows.

You could use an expiration date or schedule an API workflow to clear the Token at a specific time in the future (if you create a random string, or new data type and assign it to a user). Definitely do-able a couple of different ways

@emmanuel sorry to bother you, but do you think it would be hard for you to add this? Thanks


The implementation of being able to create a token for the email confirmation would still be much appreciated to this day, rather using workarounds with workflows and conditions to achieve.
It could work in the same procedure as the reset pw email trigger to ‘Just make token, don’t sent email’. Can then port over to say SendGrid API, as a nice welcome user email/design.



It this REALLY still a thing? How do you confirm the email of a user when not using the build-in Sendgrid text email or using another email service provider?
Any chance to get a transaction code / link to use for confirmation?
Or any chance that we can use the magic link to confirm an email?
Or that we just get an workflow action “Set users current email as confirmed”?

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Did anyone figure this out in 2023?
I am looking for this solution also very much.

Most recent February community post Josh said they are working on getting the Result of step xconfirmation token :pray:


Shoot, I already got it.



Does that generate the confirmation URL in the email? And you pick one of the app’s pages to redirect to? And once redirection is successful it sets the built-in Current user's email confirmed field to yes?

The only caveat is it won’t change bubbles native one, but you could make your own email confirmed field. And yea you’d pick your own redirect page.

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A long time coming: Retrieve email confirmation token without sending email