Send confirmation email : Bubble generating token as well as sending email

Hi bubblers !

In ‘send confirmation email’ action, I have selected ‘just Generate Token, dont send email’, & then I have defined my own email format to be sent to USER to verify email using link sent to his email address. However, now I m getting both the emails :

  1. ‘Email confirmation’ that is sent by Bubble, & also
  2. the email defined by me.
    what setting is required to stop recieving ‘email confirmation’ that is sent by Bubble ?

2  own email template
3  Both emails being sent by Bubble

Are you sure you don’t have another workflow somewhere else trigger a duplicate email to be sent?

Surely, there is only one WF & no other trigger for duplicate email.

Run in debug mode step by step to see what’s happening

Yep and also utilize your app logs – hard to tell based on 1 screenshot and not working with your app directly

What was the Make Changes to the User action?