Retrieve parameters from redirect using callback function

I am implementing Paypal Onboarding. It has the following flow

  1. Generate Access Token.
  2. Generate sign up url using that access token and different parameters in JSON body. that is Partners Referral API.
  3. Give this url to user so that he can “log in with Paypal” and then handle retrieving authCode & sharedId parameters using callback function when user comes back.

My callback function doesn’t work / don’t give me those authCode & sharedId. I expect that Paypal give me them in browser URL as parameters, but it doesn’t.

Paypal tutoral:

More details

Video explanation:

Guys, need someone who has verified Paypal account and who can test my Sandbox implementation. Just need you to connect to my Paypal Merchant account via this feature described above.

Would really appreciate someone to test!

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