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URL Param and populating fields

I’m passing the id of a Partner object to this page and trying to extract its properties as initial values in a bunch of fields. I’m a bit stumped though as I don’t see a path to actually getting the id I’m passing along with the URL. See attached image.

Perhaps there is a better method of doing this. Note the URL form is:

http://mydomain/path/1 where 1 is the id.


Get data from URL at the bottom of the menu is probably what you’re looking for.

Thanks emmanuel! I’m a little closer but no cigar yet.

Here’s what my Initial content field looks like:

Search Partner’s Name
unique id = Get path from Page URL

which logically seems right to me. But I’m not seeing the field populated.

I figured it out by setting the page type

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@eric What exactly did you do…no cigar yet for me!

What’s your goal with the URL parameter?

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I have I can surely get the first user = 1 from the url but I can’t get the token. Am I missing something? I want to save both in the database and use later

Parameters are separated by “&”, so replace the “#” and that should do it.

Hash parameters aren’t available like that in Bubble I don’t think (tried to use them in a link from an OAUTH2 signup and ended up having to use an external API to Parse them). They are not available to the back end, only the front end.

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Oh yup, if this is an authorization token of some kind, then what @NigelG said :slight_smile:

I have hacked it though…Did the search and replace thanks @romanmg then passed the value obtained in next command to open a new website, then was able to obtain the token value…using the Get Data from URL Method. Thanks to the provider they don’t reply with a redirection or error message @NigelG I am not sure about the sustainability of this though.

Good work ! And I thought I was a bit of a hacker :slight_smile:

Even using a Regex I couldn’t get it to work reliably (it was a big auth token) but had not thought about then using that parameter to open another webpage to get the parameter in again.

Although auth token hash parameters tend to have # first and then the ?

If it helps at all you can use my webtask service that does a simple url parse.

Just replace qurl with your url. Although in this case the “hash” part isn’t recognised just the “path” parameter.

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