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Retrieving files from wasabi into a repeating group

Does anyone know where I can find some clear documentation or a video on how to retrieve files from wasabi in order to display them in a repeating group, play audio files etc

I have retrieve data in the workflow but I’m having trouble displaying the retrieved data.

I saw the following formula for the repeating groups data source: “wasabis3 files retrieved data”

I don’t have an option for “retrieved data” showing up.

This sounds like you’re using the Zeroqode Wasabi plugin?

Yeah I am

I’m having trouble playing an audio file using a plugin called custom audio player. To play an Audi file I thought I would add the parent groups retrieved files s3 url but that isn’t working. The name is displaying but the audio isn’t. Any idea how to do this?

:thinking: Might be a problem with the audio player plugin? If you have a repeating group with the Retrieved File datatype (or whatever it’s called) then you can do the Current cell's S3 URL. Are you able to get the URL?

Yeah when I add the url to a text element it shows up. The audio player works when I access audio files from bubbles database and I’m having trouble displaying images too. I know I’m retrieving the the file correctly because the name of the audio file shows up too. So am I adding the wrong data source? I have a regular group which has the audio player in it.

Parent group to audio player
Screen Shot 2023-02-06 at 3.28.52 PM

Audio player data source
Screen Shot 2023-02-06 at 3.29.11 PM

I’m used to a repeating group displaying the WasabiS3’s Retrieved Files. Then inside the cell you put the audio player referencing Current cell’s URL.

What you’re doing picks the first file only, is that what you want? Just confirm that URL is actually available with text on screen. I know with that plugin you have to trigger some kind of “Retrieve files” action to make the element actually retrieve all the files. Otherwise it would return no files on page load (I think)

Then just off the top of my head something with modern browsers doesn’t like to autoplay audio right on page load, is that something you’re trying to do?

Are the two urls in the screenshot what you mean when you said make sure they’re available?

One is for the image that’s supposed to be displaying in that group above it and the other is for the audio player which isn’t visible because it only shows when its not empty.

I am not sure if this will be helpful… I had issues with playing audio (a ding sound) in the past since it appeared that the sound file only got triggered if a DOM event occurred such as a element click. It seemed that since the plugin was an element in the DOM it needed the to be in focus which the click event caused. If you are using a click or user event then – this is obviously not the case for you, but just in case thought I would toss it in.

In my case I simply added a two line JS to play the audio file without a plugin.

var AFile = new Audio(‘{AWS File name}’);;

Note: I simplified this to be put in DOM - I actually put it in the SEO section as custom script that could be called as a function using the toolbox run js function.