Return Data from Asynchronous AWS API Gateway Endpoint

Hi folks, first time posting here. I’ve been building out a site for a few months now, and I’ve run into a snag that I can’t figure out.

Before today, I had a handful of synchronous APIs I built out via Amazon’s API Gateway. They were all connected to my app just fine using the Plugins feature and calling them in various aspects of my code (including building a backend workflow to get data from one of the APIs and save data to the database).

I realized, however, that my main API requires a significant amount of processing (dozens of seconds to low minutes), and Amazon API Gateway has a hard max of 29 seconds for their synchronous calls. Therefore, I need to use asynchronous capabilities in order to be consistent. I know how to set up the API Gateway side of things to be asynchronous (super short synopsis here:, but I can’t crack how to retrieve the response on the Bubble side. If anybody has experience with this, I would be incredibly grateful for your insights!