Return only certain fields from a search

I’m pretty sure the answer to this is no but I’m asking anyway in case someone has a trick I haven’t thought of.

I have a data type called articles that has 4 fields in it (id, title, size and content). I have a customized dropdown that I built in which the “articles” are the data source and this dropdown shows 3 of the 4 fields in each of the RG rows like this:

When a user clicks one of the cells in the RG, it displays the data of that current cell in another group somewhere on my page which shows the value of all 4 fields.

The other field of “articles” (“content”) has a TON of text in it which is not needed when I’m displaying the RG in my custom dropdown. As a result, there is no need to pull this information from the database when the RG is shown as it wastes WUs and causes a delay when rendering the RG as there is so much data to pull from the db.

I know I could manage this this way:
Create an extra table that stores the 3 of 4 fields (everything but “content”) which populates the data source of the RG. When the user clicks on one of cells in the RG, the group elsewhere on the page is populated by “display data in a group” and by “do a search for articles” with a relevant constraint.
But that way is hacky and I don’t like maintaining two things if I don’t have to.

I can’t implement a privacy rule that hides the content field because I need access to that field when I display the data for the article in the group.

Hoping someone has a clever solution here.
Thanks in advance

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I don’t know the effect of it in terms of WU but you can format as text the fields you want and split by them later when needed. I like to believe in the backend, they optimized this and it will be faster:


Agreed it is mildly annoying but IMO it sounds like the definition of when a satellite datatype is required.

That being said, if there is another work around I am also all ears to hear about it!


Indeed… aside from switching to an external database, the only real way to do this in Bubble is by using a ‘Satellite’ datatype for the article content.

There are ways you can do it with privacy rules, but they’re a bit hacky.

You can also create a backend workflow that returns only the data you need for the page (i.e. just the ID, title and size), and call it via the API connector… that will ensure only the necessary data gets sent to the page.

But it won’t give you any WU saving… in fact it will actually cost more in WU, and it will probably be slower then just loading ALL the data to the page. So there’s not much point.

So yeah… a satellite datatype is the way you have to do this in Bubble, as annoying as that is (until Bubble get round to allowing us to specify which fields get returned).


Yah that’s what I figured. Not a huge fan of hacky solutions but it is what it is. Guess I’ll implement the satellite data type.

Thanks for all of your help/comments

@grace.hong I feel like this would be an easy additional feature to the data api