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Using current date for data points

Hi I’m trying to use a formula on my admin page to show how many users have signed up today compared to yesterday. I’ve tried doing a search for users: count (-minus) a search for users: count sorted by creation date: current date. It doesn’t seem to work, is their a better way to do this? Then I would also be able to sort by things like users created this week or this month. Thanks!

That’s basically right. Something to be aware of – this may be why it isn’t working for you – is that creation date is actually a specific moment in time, not a day. So to get everything in the last 24 hours, you’d want to filter to users whose creation date is greater than the current date - 24 hours… and for two days ago, you’d want greater than current - 48 but less than current - 24.

Does that help?

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Yes! Thanks so much!