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Reusable conditions


Is there a way to reuse conditions? Or single elements with a preconfiguration?

The problem: I’m making a multi language app, and for each input field or other element with text i have two conditions:

  1. Current user language is “language1” set placeholder to “Text1”
  2. Current user language is “language2” set placeholder to “Text2”

Can i reuse this conditions and add them to all the elements where i need them? (my app has a lot of input fields :slight_smile: )

Thank you.

Ok. I just feel dumb.

Just copy/paste the element. :blush:

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You can also right click on the expression and copy-paste it.

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The PictureUploader element doesn’t have the Placeholder property to be chosen in a condition.
Is there any other way to display the text i want in the Placeholder based on the user language?

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