Add placeholder as property for condition in date picker

Is it possible to add the placeholder text as a property for the default date picker conditions?

I can select the placeholder color, but not the actual placeholder text itself.


I had same issue with picture upload. I had condition if language A show pic upload input A if the language B show picture uploader B and same condition different event work flow to database.
Basically I solved it this way visibility of two different elements feeding same field table in database.

Yeah that’s a solution. But I think it should be a property you can select. The air date picker has it so I guess it should be easy enough!

Yes, you are right. i thought i am the only one struggling with it and there is actually default easy way to do it. maybe we should make place for ideas were we capture all observation there.
There is a place called ideas maybe we should put it there.

@emmanuel @josh @neerja Unfortunately, other date pickers are causing some issues for the use that I have. Would it be a lot of work to add this property to the default date picker conditions?

Thanks a bunch!

Did you check if the feature is already there?.. If you check the box ‘Customize the input placeholder’ the placeholer is accessible in conditions.

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Awesome! I guess I hadn’t refreshed the editor yet. Thanks a lot for this!

You should refresh at least once a day. We added this 7 days ago.

Yes, i do that at least 4 times a day ususally :slight_smile:

Can the placeholder be editted somehow? Here it keeps getting the current date and time, and what I needed was to either set it to a blank space or to 00:00, as I’m using it for the time-picker function. It saves that time, instead of saving nothing. I really need your support. Thanks!