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Reusable Element Blocking Others (Slider Menu for all pages)

Hi All, I have built a slider menu as a reusable element for all my pages (same size as all my pages so it is consistent). When I insert it into my pages, it blocks all the elements so that I can’t click on any other elements.

The only solution is to send to back, however, my slider menu then goes behind some of the elements. Is there any way to make the reusable element transparent?

I tried to reusable elements so I don’t have to duplicate all the workflow logic each time I do a new page. Thanks in advance!

Have you enabled ‘collapse this element when hidden’ on the menu group?
This will make sure it is hidden not only from view but also functionally until it is made visible again.

This option is available for Group elements. In case your reusable isn’t a Group, you can group it and toggle the parent group’s visibility with the ‘collapse…’ option enabled.

Ranjit | Blur Apps

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