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Reusable Element Question

When i make something into a Reusable element…

Does it become like a template? so whenever i grab it from the list to use it in another page it creates a new instance of it, and any modifications doesn’t apply to other instances of this element used somewhere else? (Like any other draggable element on the list)

Or am i actually working on the exact same instance everywhere?

So what is an Element Template then?

like a template.

Thanks, so what are Element Templates i see in the element pallet list?

they are built in templates of a certain element. when you create a reusable element you cant build up something with a few elements and reuse it. i will be honest though the best approach is create yourself an extra app and play with everything, that’s the thing with bubble their is 5000 ways to do anything and its not often a case of better ways but just different.