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Reusable Elements To Work Together?

I want to be able to open consecutive reusable elements using workflows. This doesn’t seem possible.

For example, I want to use a button to open reusable element 1, and then using a button on reusable element 1, open reusable element 2. Is this not possible?


Insert reusables inside reusables

Yes it is possible.

You need to work with different states within the reusable elements and “Do when conditions”.


  • Button to show reusable element 1
  • Reusable Element 1 has another Button which sets a certain state on that reusable element 1
  • Make a “Do when true condition” on that page where the reusable elements are place together saying “If State is true from reusable element 1” open reusable element 2

I did something similar with filters depending on one each other, where the filter of a reusable element should be changed once something is clicked in another reusable element.

Be aware to always keep the states organized.



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Complementing @Sarah_Biberei great advice, one can also use:

  • custom events
  • url parameters

If you build the habit of building logic using custom events one of the side benefits (which are many) is that all of a sudden you can schedule them from the outside of the reusable element. :smiley:

Url parameters can be read from any reusable element as well because they are located on the url.

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Custom events really changed my bubble life :wink:

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