Reusable group focus icon disappears after appearing once

Hi there,

I’m having an issue where the reusable group focus icon disappears after it appears once.

If anyone has time to have a quick look I’ve added screen shots of my setup - I’m guessing I have set something up wrong rather than this being a bug?


Hi Marcus,

Without knowing the names of the elements (and their conditions) it is a bit hard to help you. Is it an option to use the debugger and keep an eye on the icon and the action being performed the moment the icon disappears?

You can find more information about the debugger here: The Debugger - Bubble Docs.

Hope this helps,

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That sounds like a good place to start. Thank you.

Well, that actually helped a lot. I saw through the debugger, that I had a ‘hide’ command in my W/f. Which I have now disabled and seems too work fine now.

I thought the debugger was just there to annoy us!

Thank you

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