I don't know how to display icons on the group focus

UI builder has an icon on the group focus, but when I try to show the DropDownMenu in workflow action, the icon doesn’t appear.

I know it might sound silly but have you tried refreshing your browser window with the Bubble editor?

I had a similar issue where for some reason an element still appeared in my browser but in reality was not saved in Bubble. After refreshing the element was not there anymore at all. At least than you would know that you simply can add it again.

Good luck.

Hi :wave:t2:, In addition to Gerd,

To have a clear idea of what is happening, can you share pics from your UI Builder editor when you select the icon (click on the icon to see the properties and conditionals) and also of the responsive tab ?

Did you give a look too in the responsive tab? maybe one group or element inside your group focus, is overlapping and hidding your icon.

Best wishes,


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