Reusable popup blur-out color

I know this has been asked before, but the topics are closed, so I’m asking again…

I’ve got a few popups and I’ve set the styling of the background to be white, 85% opacity. Realized I need to make them reusable, but as soon as I do, it changes the bkgd color to black (booooo).

@boston85719 - you explained that this is technically a good thing in your post on this because when you have layered popups, the background color will layer as well. Cool, cool, I get that…

But is there not a setting somewhere where you can tell Bubble what color you want the standard background color to be for that first reusable popup? Or is there a plugin for this?

Small thing, I realize, but this is making me all kinds of grumpy.

You can create a style for a popup and part of the formatting options that gets saved for the style is the background color, but if my memory serves me right (which often it doesn’t but in a self-serving way that is a good thing) the style of the popup element even if applied to the reusable element is ‘overridden/ignored’ when placed onto a page or into another reusable element and you need to reset it.

Maybe custom CSS would work though, but I’ve never tried.

But how??? :weary:

When you place it onto a page or into a reusable element