Reveal all elements on page in editor

I have so many groups in groups, and hidden stuff, it would be cool to have a “reveal all” button or something in the editor to reveal all my hidden elements for faster finding things and design work! Thanks!


Hey @oiplive :wave:

I think many people will agree with you on this. Submit your idea here:

Hope more people will vote for the idea. :blush::+1:


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Please! Such a struggle to everytime have to reveal all hidden elements in the tree and show the. A simple button to show all elements on the builder would be fantastic.

Ideas there are not searchable. That’s just not practical at all.

Yeah. The only way to do any kind of search is to start typing in your own idea, if it’s already there, it will show up below it. Maybe something to add to the idea board. Improvements to the idea board itself. :joy: