Feature request... "Reveal all hidden groups" button

When building out a mobile app or any SPA with lots of hidden elements, loading up the editor in the morning or opening a page after switching pages is a big of a drag because all hidden groups are hidden by default.

Usually what I want to work on is in some hidden group.

To be able to work on the thing then involves digging around the element tree which can become frustrating with lots of nested groups.

Would LOVE and “expand entire tree” and a “show all hidden elements” button somewhere so we can quickly get back to work. :slight_smile:




Hi, you can submit this request in the https://bubble.io/ideaboard


Been asking for this for a long time – I believe I already have an Ideaboard and multiple forum posts. Too lazy to go search them out. Add another exhausted +1 from me on this topic.

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Found it: “Show All Elements (other than popups)”

It has received a grand total of 1 vote over a year or so. Have very little hopes on this one – I can’t believe more people don’t see value in this.


I don’t think people don’t see value in it, I think that, unfortunately, people just don’t see the request. The ideaboard is not very user friendly. It needs a search box urgently and a recently added zone. I think that they should make the ideaboard ux something similar to the forum’s

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oh well no biggie! Hopefully their community team will find this now that they have some more resources to put to bear.