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Reverse image search bot for discord

So i really got tired of being catfished online, and, it became a huge problem. I was being catfished like 4 times a week on discord, reverse image searching photos on discord is pretty lengthy… uploading photo to google/tineye/duplichecker takes about 7 seconds and then searching the image takes about 6 seconds and then seeing the results and then going back to discord took about 4 seconds, All together i was wasting about 20 seconds per image!

So i decided to make a reverse image search bot for discord servers!

Thats a video i made showing how the bot works, but, if you’re interested in -all- the features, errors and a server link, click here!

Any questions or concerns, see me in my server!

Cat-fisher for discord can be located here: Cat-Fisher | Discord Bots |