Reverse Proxy Setup

This one is for Bubble management.

I need to setup a reverse proxy on Bubble to call data from a second server (a blog) so that the blog is on a subdirectory vs. sub domain.

There is far too much detriment to hosting a blog on a subdomain for SEO which would be the easiest approach. I am losing lots of traffic and advantages of being able to host a blog on a subdirectory (without building a blog on Bubble of course)

I need a way to setup a reverse proxy and can provide the ip address for the connection to the secondary server hosting the wordpress installation.

Please let me know how this is possible or if this request should be emailed @emmanuel

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@emmanuel I don’t mean to press on this one but I can’t get any help on this one except from you/management.

Thank you in advance

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I’m not sure I understand your question. You want a fixed IP?

Hey @emmanuel not a fixed IP.

In computer networks, a reverse proxy is a type of proxy server that retrieves resources on behalf of a client from one or more servers. These resources are then returned to the client as if they originated from the proxy server itself.

So everything that is at /blog would call from a different IP (BUT the url would appear as if it were the same server/IP and would not show that it’s calling from a different server)

It is quite easy to set up and I would be willing to sponsor of course.

This would allow 1000’s of blog pages to call from /blog/post1-2-3-4 on the main url vs. which is no good for SEO.

There are 4 steps to set it up:

To do that just launch IIS Manager and click the server node in the tree view.
Double click the “Application Request Routing Cache” icon.
Select the “Server Proxy Settings…” task in the Actions panel.
And Make sure that “Enable Proxy” checkbox is marked.

Please let me know your thoughts. I am ready to sponsor this if required.

I have a feeling there is no IIS manager with the platform stack they are using :slight_smile:

It may be a different setting then (linux vs. windows etc.)

you can still do appdomain/blog/blog entry (all-be-it with the id at the end);

Look at the address below; it consists of domain/blog/blog title - uniqueid

Would that not do? In a world of bizarre dynamic urls does it matter if it has the unique id at the end providing you have your domain/blog/ You can see this URL on the live page below.

That would semi-work, but WordPress is pretty much required as it’s a much better solution for blogging than re-creating a blog CMS on bubble (a lot of work and no plugins).

Keeping it on Wordpress is important, and keeping it 1) sitemapable 2) on the same url (as a directory vs. sub domain)


It would be best to connect some scraper to bubble whom replicates the blog content, but if you would want to go proxy, here you go.

Actually it wouldnt be a reverse proxy, just a proxy, but lets call it reverse for now as people mix names.
This would be potentially complex and has many pitfalls, but if you wanna test the waters here you go.

Get yourself a nginx reverse proxy server. Digitalocean is a good alternative, but should be located few hopes from your bubble server location. Read an article about how to setup “nginx reverse proxy” Digitalocean has some good blog posts about that.

Then you create an nginx config that proxies to your bubble install, (It its SSL/HTTPS you need to also forward HTTPS requests, so likely you would need a Letsencrypt certificate (google how to setup that).

Then you add a location directive in NGINX config that points your subdirectory to your other server,

Sorry for such a simplified writeup, but this is complex waters and not recommended for noobs. Your application may break at any time and you should have a mitigation strategy/24h response person if your app is mission critical.

Disclaimer: All your traffic would now go through this endpoint.

Hi All,

Looks like my post on this topic was rolled back.
Is there indeed, a way to configure bubble to redirect one of the directories to an external host?

The point is that if you’re trying to integrate an external blogging solution specifically for SEO purpose as one of the directories of an existing application - there seems to be currently no technical way to do that on Bubble level.

Here’s the feedback I got from one of the blogging platforms support teams:

The way subdirectory support works is that you would need to be running your own reverse proxy server (this would likely be the nginx/apache server for your existing website) that will accept requests for and forward them to your blog. An example nginx config is available here

Will this be something that we’ll be able to do?
I’m sure that a lot of people would go for the external blogging solution (better SEO, easier management, no development necessary), but integrated into their main functional app that delivers the core functionality.

please let us know!


I can’t agree more that this option would be so good.

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This isn’t something we can do at the second, I recommend using a subdomain.

Has this been implemented, or still on the backlog?

@sridharan.s did you ever get clarity on whether a reverse proxy setup is feasible in Bubble?