🎨 Reverse rg Plugin/ Scrolling works in reverse

I am making a chat using this plugin.

Everything works fine, but the problem is that the scroll direction has also been reversed.

The settings are as follows.

RG Setting

Group Setting

Reverse Setting

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Hey there @haruthanks59,

This might be a bug to report to @mintflow.

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Hello @haruthanks59,
It reverses the scroll to keep the same user experience when you are chatting in a messenger.
Can you provide more details, please?

Thanks @johnny for pinning me to this topic!

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After setting up your ID

You must sort your RG

Sort by = Creation Date
Descending = Yes

This will make your new message below the chat box.


Hey I am having this same issue. Scroll works fine when using the scrollbar or scrolling on mobile. But when using the scroll on my mouse, it is inverted. Is there a setting to fix this or is this a bug?


Just want to chime in here - @lottemint.md, in your demo page, the scroll appears to be as expected on a trackpad - i.e. swiping your fingers down scrolls the window up, same as in any modern messenger app. But when I add it to my page, the scroll is flipped from this expected behavior. Did you do anything special to achieve that scrolling in your demo app?

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Can you please some screenshots of your configuration? Or, please feel free to invite me to your app (or a clone of the app): sergey@mintflow.io

Although I might be joining this thread a bit late, I encountered the same problem + the scroll bar appearing at the top of the scroll when it loads, rather than at the bottom where we want it to be.

In my case, both the repeating group and the plugin element were hidden when the page loaded and only became visible when the user clicked a button. After some experimentation, I found that it works better by making the plugin element invisible and adding a conditional to it so that it only appears when the repeating group is visible.

I am still trying to understand the reason behind this, but it appears that this approach causes the plugin element to load after the repeating group.

I hope this solution helps those who are experiencing the same issue. Thanks a lot to @lottemint.md for your contribution to the Bubble.io community! We are lucky to have individuals like you onboard.

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When the plugin’s element is visible, it tries to find the RG by the specified id. So, that’s why you need to make it visible only when the RG is visible, otherwise, it won’t work.


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