🔀 Reverse Repeating Groups for Chats - New Plugin from Zeroqode


Instead of starting from top and then scrolling to the bottom this plugin reverses standard Bubble repeating groups and starts from the bottom with scrolling upwards.
This is particularly useful for building chat elements (think Whatsapp) where at the bottom of the window you see the most recent record and then if you need to go back through messages you scroll upwards.


For live demo and details please visit the plugin page here: Reverse Repeating Group Plugin for Bubble | Zeroqode

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That’s handy, thank you.

Hey I haven’t downloaded this yet just wanted to confirm that it is exactly like a standard repeating group but upside down

Hi @chad yes, that’s correct,
you can check the demo page to see how it looks:

Hum… Did I just paid 25$ for a CSS rule that rotates my repeating group 180 degree??

I thought the plugin was a bit more advanced then this…
I can achieve the same with #LIST-ID { transform: rotate(180deg); }

Did you apply it to a group or repeating group?
What I see on the picture is a simple 180 degree flip, but our plugin actually reverses the order of each entry without flipping visually the content of the cells.
Please check and let us know
if you could share a preview link that would also help

oh, i’ve just realised, maybe you bought our “flip” plugin instead of the “reverse repeating groups” one?

Hi @levon, this is what I bought:

I would have share a link but even in dev mode, my app contains sensitive data…
If the plugin is not flipping the RG, why the scroll bar ends up on the left side and the scroll direction is reversed (even on the demo page)?

I used your plugin on a “full list” RG since it suits my needs better. There won’t be over 30 items in the list…
And since full list RG does not load more content on scroll, my solution was to Sort Ascending and have a javascript (document.querySelector('#myList').scrollTop = 999999;) firing every time the RG appears.

Hello @julienallard1

Thanks for checking back with us!

As mentioned by Levon, the Plugin should not flip the 180 degree but actually will reverse the RG entries starting from the bottom with scrolling upwards instead of top and then scrolling to the bottom seen in a standard Bubble RG.

As to why the scroll bar was on the left side, because there is such propriety in the plugin which can be used for other use cases :slight_smile: (please see image)

We enable this option, now the scrollbar will be displayed on the right side and plugin should work as expected.

For plugin to work as intended please do check out the setup which is recommended to be used: Zeroqode-demo-17 | Bubble Editor

Thanks for understanding :pray:

Zeroqode Team.

I made the plugin working ok on a test page, but the scrolling direction is still reversed.

But when trying to use it in my app, it just flips the repeating group 180°. Like I said in the previous post, I found another way to achieve what I needed without the plugin.


On my same test page (see post’s last message), I simply added a repeating group + text input along side the one I reversed with the plugin and this is what I get:

The whole page flipped except for the reversed RG!! The only element with an ID is the reversed RG
I really wonder what this plugin’s doing in BG, but for sure, I removed it from my app.
It’s unfortunate I can’t share a link; the app contains my client’s sensitive data.

I know, when buying plugins it says there are no refund. But when buying a plugin, I expect it to work. Is it possible to get a refund (at least the part that Bubble gives you) ?

I tried to send this in private message, but it says that Zeroqode is not accepting PMs…

Hello @julienallard1

Thanks for checking back with us.

Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issue , however as it is demonstrated on the demo test application and through video, the plugin is works as intended on our end.
Here’s a simple demonstration on a test page:

As it shows entries are starting from the bottom with scrolling upwards instead of top and then scrolling to the bottom seen in a standard Bubble RG and the page does not flip, other elements are intact.
Afraid without more details on what exactly is happening inside your application we can not debug it. There could other scripts or plugin that it may interfere with the page elements.

The plugin sales go through Bubble and according to their policy there is no refunds on purchase of these items. It should be possible to contact @bubble directly https://bubble.io/contact and check if they can provide a refund in extenuating circumstance. However it is uncertain , since plugin works as intended.

Thanks for understanding. :pray:

Zeroqode Team

@julienallard1, sorry about your experience.

You can PM me anytime about anything related to @ZeroqodeSupport, my DMs are always open.

There’s definitely some sort of a weird issue with the implementation.
It would be great if we could have a look if you’re still interested.

What you could do to avoid us seeing your sensitive info is to create a test page for us and use random sanitized data (with a similar structure to your real one) for us to focus on the implementation only, and to limit our access to DB and test version exclusively.

Otherwise, it’s really hard to troubleshoot by screenshots, as I’m sure you understand.

We’re very much open to continuing this conversation in private to see how we can make you happy :pray:
Thank you very much!

Is it possible for plugins with a commercial license to be shared to specific apps like in private mode? If so, you could give a temporary right to one of my app so we can work on it?

DM’ed you on this one!

@julienallard1, @anwarsby - we pushed an update for the plugin that should address the issue you were facing.

Can you please update the plugin, reopen the app and see if that takes care of it?

Thank you!


Thanks! I’ve update and it’s okay now


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Awesome :sunglasses:

It seems to be fixed!

Thanks for working this out!

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Our pleasure :slight_smile: thank you for your patience!