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"Revert to a previous version" does not restore data

@emmanuel I’m in my development environment and setup workflow incorrectly that deleted data. When I perform a revert it is not bringing the database data back. It seems to only change the workflow.

Is this working as designed? If so, it’s a little concerning. How can we get backups of the data?

Yes, it’s working as designed. We can help with restoring data, but that’s a manual process. However, if you use the live version, you shouldn’t be pushing to live something that corrupts your data.

We all know accidents happen and it concerns me that I don’t have control of the backups or have the ability to access them without contacting you. Is this something that will become available in the future?

It would be nice if I could backup the data to my own S3 bucket for safe keeping along with the application(s) I’m building.

Don’t worry we have multiple backups, don’t be concerned. Well probably expose this at some point, but version control for the app itself was much more asked for than DB restore.

Nothing prevents you to run a script to get all your data through the API.

Ok, good to know. It’s just scary not knowing, or controlling, what’s going on in the background.

You guys did a great job with the version control and undo/redo, I’m impressed every time I use it.