[New Feature] Version control


We just released an important - awaited - new feature: Version Control. In other words, you’ll be able to revert your development version to a past version if something goes wrong, etc.

Here is how it works. When you click on the version dropdown on the top left of the screen, it opens a menu with the 2 versions, live and development (no change there). A third option opens the Deployment and Version control popup.

This popup lets you deploy to live (push the current development version to live). It also lets you see the past deployments, and revert to a previous version in time. You can actually type a time to the second, and your app will be restored to what the app was like at that time.

We apply some limits on how far you can go in the past based on your plan. For free plans, it goes back to one hour, if something goes wrong and need a quick restore, while for other plans, it can be a day, a month or any point in time.

You can read more about the options here Introduction - Bubble Docs


It’s one essential feature, congrats! Should go directly to the homepage and features pages!

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Well we updated our pricing page but it should also go to learn more, you’re right.

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if im on the personal plan and i dont work on the app for a couple of days will i still be able to revert back to live version? I dont see the option to revert to live anymore

You’ll be able to revert to the version within the last day. Click on copy next to the mention to the deployment you want to go back to and click revert.


what does last day mean in an international audience? do you mean 24h back or change of day for the server? (which would be not good if one was working at midnight from the server’s viewpoint)

we mean 24 hours.

I believe you should allow at least to revert to the last version, regardless of the date it happened, on any plan.

For higher plans, you could allow to revert multiple versions for different time spans.

But for every plan, at least the last version should be allowed to be reverted.

I’m on a personal plan. I have been working on a development for more than 7 days, just published the site, and now I cannot go back to my previous version because it happened more than 7 days ago.