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I have a page where my user will search invoices, client name or whatever: amount, invoice number etc within a RG.

I have an error on my RG Data Source constraint. I don’t understand why. (see pics attached)

I have 2 data types:

So why do I get this error?


What are the Input search settings?

Here are the settings for the input Search.
I’m following this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7O22NXtG14&t=120s

your issue actually is that you are using a Text input and the filter expect a Customer thing, not a text.

did you try using a search field with dynamic data set to Customer instead?

In the video, it work, because the filter First name is type Text… and the input is also text.

Ok. Now I’m trying the Searchbox with dynamic data linked to my Invoice Data type. But Customer field doesn’t appear in the Field to search list. Do you have an idea why?

It looks like that it’s just text fields type that appear, not dates, not custom data types.

You need to set the List of… to customer, not to invoices.

The goal is to select a customer so you can filter using the searchbox.

But you are talking about date, so do you need to search different field in the Customer DB to filter the Invoice RG? If yes… you may need to use advanced filter instead

My user needs to search within a list of Invoices so I guess that I need to set the list to invoices.

But I’d like my user to search invoice number, invoice Customer name, invoice service name and maybe dates also. (See screenshot)

But as you said RG and Searchbox or Input needs to be the same Data type but my Customer field in my Invoice Data type is a “custom type Customer list”, not a “text type”. It’s why it doesn’t show up in the results. I’m looking for a workaround. But I still didn’t find it. I also tried this tutorial “Fuzzy Search” but same problem with Data types.

I said that the field you are searching and the input you are using need to be of the same type. Not the RG itself.

So the RG is set to invoice. That’s is fine. But the searchbox input to search for customer will be set as type Customer. Display of searchbox will be name. And the filter in RG will be For customer = Searbhox input value

For customer is a “customer” type and the searchbox will also be of type “Customer”.

You can select ignore empty constraint, so it will just ignore this filter if nothing is selected in Searchbox.

You can add more searchbox or input text to filter differently. I don’t use fuzzy search but It’s a little bit more flexible to search multiple fields at the same time on one type. But you will face the same limitation is that you cannot search fields in a related DB directly in the search filter. Only possible using :filter and advanced filter functions

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It works!

Thank you very much for your help! Very appreciated!

I will also have a look at advanced filters.

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