RG Filter or Search dilemma

I’ve searched the forum and reviewed the posts related to this subject but have not been able to find the answer.

I have a repeating group of things (Companies to provide some context) each company thing contains a list of employee things. each employee thing has text field. So im not quite sure whether I should be filtering this repeating group or doing a search in so that the companies shown in the repeating group where 1 or more employees text field contains the text from an input

I’ve got as far as “do a search companies” this searches for employees who text field contains the Input value. but the repeating group now shows a company for however many employees meet the search criteria I’ve tried in various parts to add “first item” but that doesn’t seem to work. I’m just trying to get a list in the repeating group of companies where one or more employees meet the criteria but the company thing should only be shown once

If there is the thread anyone is aware of where this type of search or filtering which would result in only one item being returned that would be a big help.

Is your search for Employees or for Companies? Its unclear whether your RG has one cell for each Company or for each Employee.

I’d suggest doing a search for Companies with an advanced filter on it where “Employees’ text field contains [desired text]”.

I should have made that clear… The repeating group displays one cell each company. I’m currently doing a search for companies with an advanced filter for employees text field contains (desired text) but the repeating group now shows a the company for every employee that matches the desired text. mending up the repeating group containing multiple cells of the very same company whereas I’m only looking for one cell depicting the company regardless of whether it’s a single employee multiple employees that match the criteria of the advanced search.

I think you’d be able to use “unique elements”. That’d eliminate redundant companies being listed.

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@jason1 that was good of you to help me. Thanks that solved it.

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