How to filter out repeating group using a search bar?

Okay, so I have a repeating group which displays a list of some user. now I want to filter it dynamically through a search bar. How can this be achieved?

Hi @akul3007, you simply need to apply a filter on the RG data source, like that:

It takes a regular input field as a filter.

Here is a quick example:

And here comes the setup:
Test1 | Bubble Editor

I hope that will help.

Cheers Jeremias


@js1 Can’t find the app in editor

Try again (copy/paste the link into your browser), it somehow gets messed up with a regular link (all “&” were replaced by something weird).

Hi! the trick that worked for me is just: don’t use a search box! Use a simple text input :wink:

(my problem was that I was trying to make it work with a searchbox but this is not the prurpose of search boxes, a simple text filed is ok)