RG from multiple types

Is it posibble to have list showing items from 2 different types on the DB?

Not as seperate groups, i want it mixes together

I don’t believe this is possible. The way I’ve solved for it in the past is this:

  • I have Thing A and Thing B. I want them to both me in the same repeating group
  • I create a type of Thing C
  • Anytime I create a Thing A, I also create a Thing C with all the info of the Thing A
  • I do the same for everytime I create a Thing B
  • I build a repeating group based off type of Thing C
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It is entirely possible, but I think it is a bug (and it might be possible after that is fixed).

So create a repeating group, and then set it to be of type Text.

Use a search on the things you want to combine, pulling back the unique id.

You can then pull back particular fields on ONE of the things, but as long as the field name is the same, then it will also show you the field from the other things too.

(once fixed, what you should be able to do is have multiple groups what only show if you find the thing you where looking for !).


What do u mean its a bug? which part?

If you search for Booking (for example) …

And the unique id is for something else, which also happens to have a field “name” you will get back the thing you didn’t search for.

In my example I combined 3 tables by pulling back their unique ids, and they all happened to have “name” as a field. Was quite suprised when I got back the data for something I had not specified.

What I had expected to happen was that it would not find the thing, and I could use that in my conditions.

Confirmed as a bug, which is a shame as it made it very easy to do the “merge” of different data types :slight_smile:

I suppose it depends from the relationship between both types. If each item in Type 1 is related to one item in Type 2, then you can have a field in Type 1 of Type 2.

You then set the RG as of Type 1, and relate row elements to be

  • Current cell's Type1 field
  • Current cell's Type1 Type2 field.

From UX point of view, the RG might render slower than @andrewgassen’s suggestion.

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